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About PhotoMaraton

What is PhotoMaraton?

PhotoMaraton is a cultural event that unites photographers around the same theme and competes over time. Passion for photography. It contributes to the promotion of the selected city and region. It is a day dedicated to photography.

If we call it a marathon, you don’t have to run; This is a quiet, cool activity. Moreover, it is open to anyi need someone to take my online class essay writerone who has any digital camera and a mobile phone that can take photos. It brings the city’s people, friends, friends, lovers, photography enthusiasts, tourists into this delightful competition.

On the one hand, it turns the production of photography into a fun and exciting activity, and encourages its participants to create themed images while living the city in an alternative way. It rebuilds a city through photographs.

PhotoMaraton Turkey

PhotoMaraton was held in 2018 in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in Turkey. PhotoMaraton events can only be organized by Artem Group in Turkey.

Purpose of PhotoMaraton
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To disseminate and develop photographic culture and thought through the arrangement of PhotoMaratons;

  • Encourage the use of photography as a tool for awareness of the environment, region and cultural heritage;
  • Slow living, improving the quality of time and spreading the culture of sustainability through observation;
  • Building a new real and virtual community with the presence of photography enthusiasts;
  • Realization of photography, video and visual arts, events, competitions, exhibitions, workshops, courses and patronage. Promoting publishing through books and creating all kinds of incentives;
  • Coordinating the activities of the members as training, information and connection center.

How is this Event?

PhotoMaraton is a photo event where participants need to take a series of photos over predetermined themes at their starting points, usually within 6, 9, 12, or 24 hours.

PhotoMaraton applies only to digital cameras, smartphones and tablets. Various types of camera can color the competition. During PhotoMaraton events, participants are not allowed to use a photo editing program such as Photoshop after the shoot.

The history of PhotoMarathon

In many years, we thought that the first PhotoMarathon was born in New York in 1987 – but that was not true. The PhotoMarathon concept is developed by two friends Antonio Bolivar and Eduardo Soto in Madrid in 1984. They called it Maratón Fotográfico.On Wikipedia Antonio Bolivar has wrote “At 1984, with my friend, Eduardo Soto, we developed a photo contest that we called Maratón Fotográfico (PhotoMarathon). We offer it to Madrid council and they sponsored it with Kodak and a photo laboratory called Albacolor. We celebrate 4 consecutive editions from 1985 to 1988 with Madrid Council and Kodak, and later we did several other PhotoMaraton in Lisbon, Santiago de Compostela, etc. “
PhotoMarathon goes around the world
Someone must have heard about this great idea, because in 1987 there was a PhotoMarathon in New York, in 1988 there was one in Stockholm and in 1989 the first PhotoMarathon took place in Copenghagen.
Then came Berlin in ?? and then Cardif, Nice, New Castle… Today the PhotoMarathon is spread all over the world, from Miami Beach to Palestine, africa, Myanmar…I don’t think that Antonio and Eduardo in 1984 had imagined, that their idea in the following years, would be spread worldwide. We all owe these two men great respect and honor. Thanks to them, it is possible for so many people around the world to participate in this unique photo event.

Other PhotoMaratons

You can view other PhotoMaratons in the world via PhotoMaraton’s official website www.photomarathon.com or click here to access the PhotoMaraton world map.