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Be a Part of PhotoMaraton!

PhotoMaraton is a photo-oriented, non-profit event for 2 days in the city. It is organized by a group of enthusiastic volunteers with different full-time jobs. The current team includes engineers, lawyers, architects, people and studentsclass help online essaywriterusa working in the fields of biology and political science. We all love photography and Turkey. PhotoMaraton offers photographers a full day dedicated to photography. We need volunteers to make PhotoMaraton events efficient.

PhotoMaraton has lots of details to be done before, during and after the events. Working densities are also increasing towards PhotoMaraton days. We do a lot of work behind the scenes to make sure PhotoMaraton succeeds.


Areas We Need Volunteersclass help online essaywriterusa

Posters, flyers, social media visual designs, printed material designs

Written needs to be used in the announcement works (Press release etc.)

Control, management, advertising planning or other added value of our social media accounts

Covering the costs of space and printing to exhibit PhotoMaraton theme winners

Help with general tasks on PhotoMaraton day, for example:

– Take pictures of the event so that we can use it later,

– To shoot and assemble the video of the event so that we can use it in promotional activities

– Taking part in registration desks during the organization

If you think that you or a friend can contribute to any of these areas, you can contact us via info@photomaraton.com or via the form on our contact page so that we can contact you and provide more information.