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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register to PhotoMaraton?

For registering to PhotoMaraton events, you should buy tickets via the PhotoMaraton website or ticket selling websites. You may use credit card or bank transfer while buying the tickets. In order to buy tickets via the website, you can pick the relevant PhotoMaraton event, click on the ticket icon or the information text. After you buy your ticket, an automatic mail is sent to your e-mail address that you used while you were signing in.

Can I buy tickets on the day of PhotoMaraton?

You can buy tickets for PhotoMaraton with cash on the registry desk. Because of the materials that are presented to the participants, an extra fee of 25 TL is added to the amount.

What should I do on the morning of PhotoMaraton?

On the PhotoMaraton day, you should visit the registry desk early in the morning. Participants receive participant badge cards and t-shirts from the registry desk. After you receive your items, you can visit the sponsor firms’ tables or enjoy yourself with the complimentary items.

Where do we take the pictures?

There are no specific areas desired for you to take pictures on PhotoMaraton events. You can take pictures in any place that is inside the borders of the province that PhotoMaraton takes place. However, you can create your own strategies in order to not to be late to the next station.

What will be the size and the format of the pictures?

You must turn your pictures in with the JPG (JPEG) format. Only the participants who do not have JPG option on their cameras can take pictures with JPG+RAW format. During the turning in process, only the JPG format is accepted. Size of the pictures can be the same with the standards of the cameras.

How do we turn the pictures in?

On the PhotoMaraton day, desks for turning in are available at every station. Up until that time, pictures that belong to the disclosed themes are copied from the SD cards and your SD card is given back to you. During the turning in process, there must be only pictures that you will use for the competition and the PM icons in your SD card.

What is the latest time I can turn pictures in?

Turning in deadline differs for each city. Deadlines are explicitly explained on the relevant PhotoMaraton website. In PhotoMaratons that you compete against time, you must be at the turning in station at the desired time. 30 minutes later than the announced time, the doors of the station are closed.

I do not want to delete my pictures, what should I do?

There are also computers that belong to the organization on PhotoMaraton stations. On these computers, with the help of staff, you can create a new folder in your SD card and pick the pictures that you want to use for the event. By this way, you do not have to delete the pictures that you took the all day. In order to make it easier while turning the pictures in, it is also expected from you to note the numbers of the pictures that you want to use.

Is it forbidden to use Photoshop?

It is forbidden to manipulate pictures in PhotoMaraton events. The official PhotoMaraton software can detect the pictures that are manipulated. In order to not to change the EXIF information of the pictures, they should not be taken out of SD cards.

Can I use the features of my camera?

You can make adjustments as much your camera allows you to do. For example, it is not forbidden to crop or to rotate pictures.

Are the theme selectors the jury at the same time?

No, theme selectors only disclose the themes and show the way at the stations. In every PhotoMaraton, theme selectors and the jury are different people. In the relevant PhotoMaraton webpage, both jury and the theme selectors are announced separately. In MobilePhotoMaratons, theme selectors and the jury are the same people.

Can I get a refund in case that I cannot participate?

No. The registration fee is non-refundable. Registration fee is only refunded if the event is cancelled.

What is a station? Where can we find out?

Stations are the places where themes are disclosed. Participants learn about themes at stations. This is why in order to make all participants continue to PhotoMaraton, they should meet at stations. At every station, there is a PM icon. After participants learn about their themes, they should take a picture of the PM icon and prove that they are at that location and the move on with the event schedule.

I am late to a station. How can I learn the theme?

You can be late to a station maximum for 30 minutes. The organization team are only at stations for 30 minutes after the themes are disclosed. You might miss the information given about the themes or the tips from theme selectors, but you can learn about the theme for 30 minutes after the meeting time.

What is a PM icon? Do we have to picture them?

PM icons are the PhotoMaraton icons that must be pictured at every station. Taking the picture of the icons prove that the participant is at that very location. Icons might change from station to station and they might also be different in different provinces and events. PM icons are also disclosed at the stations.

Do I lose the copyrights of my picture?

No, PhotoMaraton events do not automatically take the copyrights of the pictures that are turned in, do no create databases or sell/use those databases without permission. Only the copyrights of the winner pictures (in accordance with the provisions) can be used by the host Ministerial Administration and the partners of the PhotoMaraton. All of the other pictures are a part of the permanent gallery of the event, and they will be presented with the name of the photographer that holds all the rights. Pictures that are selected by the jury can be used in exhibitions or a book.

How does the jury select?

There are equal numbers of juries with the themes. Jury cannot see the name of the participant, they only see the registration number of the participant. Jury receive the pictures taken by participants in separate folders. Each jury select the theme winner for their themes. Following, every picture that is recommended by each jury member are compiled in another folder and they are evaluated in a collective manner. At the very end, winners for every theme are selected.

When are the winners are announced?

Winners of PhotoMaraton are announced at the conference halls at the province that the event takes place, right after the conferences and programs, at the award ceremony. Winner pictures are shown as an exhibition. Winner pictures are not printed out. Firstly, the winners of MobilePhotoMaraton, later, the winners of PhotoMaraton are announced with the name of the participants.

How is the PhotoMaraton award decided?

Participants that win any theme receive PhotoMaraton award. Every theme winner receives a “theme winner cup”. Awards are given with the support of sponsor firms. Awards may change for every PhotoMaraton event. Awards for a specific PhotoMaraton are announced on the webpage of that event.

What is Mobile PhotoMaraton?

MobilePhotoMaraton is the format that participants use a mobile phone that can take pictures. There are less themes in the MobilePhotoMaraton and participants turn the pictures in by sharing them on Instagram. Participants must have public Instagram accounts. While sharing the pictures, they must use #photomaraton hashtag. In addition, while the picture is posted, the theme name should be included. Photographs can be manipulated in the MobilePhotoMaraton. Participants take the pictures in designated time periods after themes are disclosed and they share their pictures on Instagram until the end of that day.

How will you know that I took the pictures for the MobilePhotoMaraton?

Winner pictures are announced with the Instagram username during the award ceremony. Cellphones are asked from the participants that take place in the award ceremony. All details about the picture (e.g.: is it taken from that cellphone? Which time these photos were taken?). If everything is right, the winner pictures are approved officially.

Can I join both PhotoMaraton and MobilePhotoMaraton?

Yes, it is possible to participate in both. Participants do not face any problem as long as they meet the criteria and follow the rules. Two separate tickets must be bought to join PhotoMaraton and MobilePhotoMaraton.

I am under 18. Is there a problem for me to join?

Participants who are or under 18 can join PhotoMaraton by giving the authorized person in the registration desk a written approval and consent letter from a legal guardian during the registration.

It is raining. Will the event take place later?

PhotoMaraton is an event that can be organized under any weather condition. This is why it will not be suspended under any weather condition.