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Tips for Success

How should you get prepared for PhotoMaraton?

We made a checklist for you to see all the things that you may need on the big day. We made the list according to our experiences as participants and we collected the tips from the photographers.


Camera and Equipment

  • Check the date and time of the camera.
  • Save the format as JPG. (RAW format is not accepted.) If there is no JPG in machine settings, you should select JPG + RAW.
  • Preferably, take empty SD cards with you.
  • Filters
  • Tripod
  • Lens and camera cleaning equipment
  • External USB (if you have)
  • Fresh batteries for the camera
  • Fresh batteries for flash
  • Extra batteries or chargers
  • Handbooks for camera and flash

Camera Settings

  • Check the time and date and make sure they are right (The sorting of files is very important)
  • Check the night-photography settings of the camera (without flash)
  • Check the camera styles. For example, B/W, sepia etc.
  • Check the timer options (especially useful during the evening times)

While you are moving

  • Choose comfortable shoes
  • Using a bicycle may make you faster (even though the environmental conditions are not very suitable)
  • Take your local transportation card with you. (Akbil, Bukart, İzmirKart, Ego etc.)
  • Have the city maps (you may use mobile apps)

Stuff you may need

  • Water or energy drinks
  • Snacks (Chocolate, vitamin bars etc.)
  • Your ID Card or your Passport
  • Cash or credit card


  • Do not forget your cellphone charger
  • Have a public Instagram account
  • Share the pictures with #photomaraton hashtag and explain your themes
  • You may set an alarm in order to not to miss the deadline for turning in

Small things

  • Pilot pen and lead pencil or markers
  • Paper to take notes
  • Duct tape or a similar product
  • A hooked needle
  • A document to use as a model
  • A light or a headlight

Storing pictures

  • Extra SD Card
  • Card reader or the USB cable of the machine
  • External memory/ USB (In order to take the copies of the pictures taken)

Weather conditions

  • Sun cream
  • An umbrella
  • A hat
  • A raincoat
  • A plastic shower cap in order to protect the camera in case it rains.

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Taking Pictures of People on the Street

Many times in the history of PhotoMaraton, portraits of people also took place among the taken pictures. Sometimes friends of the participant are the models, but most of the time, people on the street that were never met are photographed. We would like to give you some tips for finding the best models for street photography and maybe have some new friends.



Ask friendly before taking a picture

Do not forget that every person has the right to determine the way they are pictured. Every person has the right of privacy. In order to catch the naturality, contact the person right before or after you take the picture. Give them an explanation about you wanting to picture them.


Show your PhotoMaraton Participant Card
Because you have the participant card, you can receive an approval easier. People will understand that you are participating in a photography event. You can even attract them and join the event.

Share your story
When you begin talking, you can tell them about their role in the picture for the PhotoMaraton theme. People might even want to be a part of a good story.

New Perspectives
You might think of going upstairs in a building for taking a picture from a different perspective. Just ring the bell, talk to the authorized person, tell them the reason in a friendly way and ask for their help. Sometimes even only asking may create wonders!

Legal and Signed Document
Professional photographers mostly take written and signed consent documents from their models for their portrait shots. On this document, there are the information about the model giving consent to the photographer, his or her contact information and this signed document has 2 copies, one for the model and one for the photographer.

If you really need, there are many alternative examples of consent letters on the internet.

In addition to that, you can also find the document in some of the applications that are on iOS or Android platforms.

PhotoMaraton events take place with the written approval of the office of the governor. Approval document should only be used to protect the personal rights of the model. For the street pictures, PhotoMaraton team receives approval beforehand.

In sum
Ask for permission with a friendly smile, tell people your story and invite them to take part in your picture. Tell them that you can even share a copy of the picture if they want.


Do not forget to check the basic rules section.


We wish all participants good luck.

Basic Rules You Should Know

We would like to remind you some points in order to not to have any difficulties on the PhotoMaraton day.

Date Settings

Pictures to be turned in on PhotoMaraton days must be taken the same day. Please make sure that the time and date adjustments of the camera are showing the right information.  We do not make any exceptions for this case.

Pictures must be in an order

When you are turning in your pictures, you must do it in the same order with themes. This is why you should know which picture is going to be used for which theme. During the turning in process, it is asked to each participant if the order of the pictures is right and an approval from them is taken. After pictures are turned in, there is no chance to make any changes.

Only the JPG format is accepted

RAW offers a higher quality of pictures, but PhotoMaraton events all around the world only accept JPG format. Please adjust your camera settings to take only JPG pictures. If your camera does not have this option, you should select the JPG+RAW option. During the turning in process, the JPG format will be the accepted one.

Manipulation of pictures is forbidden

It is forbidden to make any change on the pictures, except the features of the camera itself. Programs such as Photoshop etc. are forbidden to be used. You might adjust the internal features of your camera (B/W, sepia etc.) but after the pictures are taken, you cannot process any image. During the turning in process, PhotoMaraton software detects the pictures which are manipulated.

Horizontal format and 4: 3

We recommend you to adjust your camera format to 4: 3. If this is not possible, it is important for you to pick the horizontal format. Because the pictures taken during PhotoMaraton might be exhibited in future, the vertical format might cause difficulties. However, vertical pictures are still accepted during the turning in process. For example, in 2018 Istanbul PhotoMaraton, 2 vertical pictures, and in 2018 Ankara PhotoMaraton, 1 vertical picture got the first place and the award.


While turning in, make sure you have the equal number of pictures with the themes

Even if you can take as many pictures as you want during the event day, you should pick the specific pictures that you will turn in during the turning in process. Number of pictures to be turned in must be the number of themes+ PM icons at the stations. In a PhotoMaraton that has 9 themes, 9 theme pictures + 3 PM icons = 12 pictures are turned in. In a PhotoMaraton that has 12 themes, 12 theme pictures + 3 PM icons = 15 pictures are turned in. Participants who do not take pictures of PM icons are disqualified.

Charge your batteries

We recommend you to use fully charged equipment on the day of the event. Carrying spare batteries and cables might also be useful for you.

We expect not only machines but also you to not to be tired. In an ordinary PhotoMaraton, participants walk an average of 15 kilometers.

Get ready for a creative and a dynamic PhotoMaraton day!