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Terms and Conditions

Requirements for Registering

Who participates? 
Every person who uses a digital camera and/or a cellphone may participate.


How many themes are there?
PhotoMaraton may take place with 6, 9, 12 or 24 themes in accordance with international standards. Regarding the city that you join the PhotoMaraton, the number of themes will be announced.

Themes are turned in in order

Themes in PhotoMaraton should be turned in in the order that they were disclosed. This rule is a rule that never changes in any of the PhotoMaraton events around the world.

Time settings of the camera should be checked

Before the event begins, date and time settings of the camera should be checked. Pictures that belong to times before the competition are disqualified.

Photograph manipulation is forbidden

Pictures cannot be edited with programs such as Photoshop. They cannot be manipulated. Pictures should be turned in in their original state in the SD card.

Come with your equipment

On the PhotoMaraton day, an empty SD Card and rechargeable batteries should be with the participants. Otherwise, PhotoMaraton team cannot intervene. In some PhotoMaraton events, sponsors may let participants rent cameras, clean lenses and provide SD cards.


Do not be late for the stations
Themes are disclosed in the stations that were announced before. In order to learn about themes, participants must arrive at the stations on time. They can be late maximum for 30 minutes.


PM Icons should be taken pictures
In every station, there are PhotoMaraton icons. Before taking pictures for themes, PM icons must be taken pictures also. PM icons prove that the participant is at that station at that moment.


Number of pictures to be turned in
Number of pictures to be turned in at the PhotoMaraton turn-in points= Number of themes + Number of PM Icons. In a PhotoMaraton that has 6 themes, there must be total of 9 pictures including PM icons. In a PhotoMaraton that has 9 themes, there must be total of 12 pictures including PM icons. In a PhotoMaraton that has 12 themes, there must be total of 15 pictures including PM icons.


Format / image processing
Only JPG format is accepted. Please adjust your camera to take JPG pictures with high quality. For the standards, it is recommended for you to choose 2:3 format. If this is not possible with your camera, pictures that you exhibit must be complete pictures in 9×13 format and should have a white frame. Additionally, it is recommended to record in “Landscape Mode”. In evening shoots, you may use flash or a tripod if you need.


Participants who are not present at the meeting point in 30 minutes starting from the beginning time or ones who are not seen in the designated times and mid-times are disqualified. The same applies for the final station. For every station, there is a 30-minute lateness chance that is accepted.


Frequently Asked Questions page may help you with your questions in detail.  

  1. During PhotoMaraton events, digital cameras that have SD card slots must be used. Any kind of data manipulation (editing pictures, renaming the files, changes in EXIF data etc.) will be accepted as reasons for disqualification. During the marathon, only one camera may be used. File format must be JPEG. It is allowed to delete pictures and repeating. (See: FAQ)
  1. Participants should use tablets or cellphones for participating in MobilePhotoMaraton. Pictures can be both edited and saved in a different order in iOS or Android based devices. Pictures for each theme are shared publicly on Instagram by using #photomaraton hashtag. (See: FAQ)
  1. Everybody can participate in PhotoMaraton. For people under 18, written approval from a legal guardian is required.
  1. Participants should register at least a day before PhotoMaraton begins. In case of registry cancellation, registry fee is not refunded by the organization. Registry is only valid after the registry fee is paid. On the day of PhotoMaraton, fees are raised by 25 TL.
  1. Participant agrees the organization to take pictures and make interviews as a part of the usual documentation of media or press.
  1. Participant, clearly agrees that his or her pictures can be shown by organization team to the PhotoMaraton partners and/or sponsors.
  1. The copyright of the pictures taken by the participant belongs to the participant.
  2. Participant clearly agrees that the registration data will be processed electronically. Any transfer to any third party will not be done without receiving consent from the participant.
  1. Organizers reserve the right to make any change, suspension or cancellation for PhotoMaraton. Rules may change according to the daily circumstances. In case that PhotoMaraton is cancelled, the registration fee will be returned to the participants within four weeks or any determined day possible after the cancellation.
  1. Participation and moving in the city are in the responsibility of the participants. Organization committee cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage, accident etc. that takes place during PhotoMaraton. Every participant who takes place in PhotoMaraton receive daily personal insurance.
  1. PhotoMaraton organizers, theme selecting committee, selection jury and other staff cannot participate in the marathon.
  1. For legal matters and applications, Istanbul Fikri ve Sinai Haklar Mahkemesi (Istanbul Intellectual Property Rights Court) is authorized.

For any inquiry before registration, you can contact us.