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PhotoMaraton Turkey

PhotoMaraton 2020

PhotoMarathon will start on Saturday, November 14th at 10.30 at Sirkeci Train Station.

Stations: Sirkeci – Beyazıt – Galata Tower – Taksim

Camera: 9 Themes / 9 Hours / 9 Photos concept,

Analog Camera: 3 Themes / 6 Hours / 3 Photos concept,

Mobile Phone: 3 Themes / 9 Hours / 3 Photos concept,

Video Category: 1 Theme / 1 Video (3 minutes) concet

Note: The event will be physically organized by taking COVID-19 precautions.

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Event Day – Saturday, November 14

  • Participants receive their badges and t-shirts from the registration desks at Sirkeci Train Station in the morning. Delivery starts at 10:30.
  • 3 photo themes are announced for general participation at 12:00 at the Sirkeci Train Station, the 1st station. (Themes are not known in advance.) Then, 3 Analog photography themes, 1 Video Category theme and the last 3 Mobile PhotoMarathon themes are announced respectively.
  • Participants in the general category take photos of the announced themes within 3 hours and arrive at the second station, Beyazıt Square, at 15.00 at the latest. 3 new themes are announced at Beyazıt station and they arrive at the last station, Galata Tower, at 18.00. Photographs of the last 3 themes to be announced in Galata are also taken. As of 19:00, the photos are delivered at the photo delivery point in the Culture Inc. Exhibition Hall at the entrance of Taksim metro and the event is completed. The deadline is 21.30.
  • Analog participants work on 3 analog themes announced at the Sirkeci station, on 36 or roll films that will be presented to them at the registration desk. Participants complete the event with a film delivery at 18:00 at Galata Tower station. Received films are washed, scanned and written on CD by Pamuk Ticaret. Participants choose 3 photos belonging to the themes at Sirkeci Pamuk Ticaret company or among the photos sent to them. 3 photos selected by the individuals themselves are submitted to the jury.
  • Video Category participants share the video they will prepare for the video theme announced at Sirkeci station publicly on YouTube or Vimeo platforms with the title “Name Surname / #photomaratonistanbul” until 12:00 on November 15, 2020.
  • Mobile PhotoMaraton participants upload photos of 3 themes announced at Sirkeci station from their public Instagram accounts with “#photomaraton” and “oneistanbul” tags and “theme number” until November 14, 2020 at 23.59.

PhotoMaraton Istanbul 2020


PhotoMaraton Istanbul distributes a total of
100,000 TL worth of awards this year.

In the digital category, the winner of 9 themes will receive one
Nikon Z 50 with 16-50 kit lens. (9 cameras in total)


A total of 3 “mobile phones” and Feiyu VLog Pocket 2
will be given to the theme winners in the Mobile category.


A total of 3 “Nikon” brand analog cameras will be presented to
the 3 theme winners in the analog category.


FeiyuTech G6 Max Gimbal” will be presented to
the winning video in the video category.


On the PhotoMarathon day, 3 people will have the
Feiyu Pocket product with the raffle held at Nikon’s store in Sirkeci.

Get Tickets!

To participate in the event, you can pay online and securely by selecting the relevant category on Biletino. For the delivery of the name badge on the day of the event, the tickets purchased through Biletino must be shown to the officers in order to speed up the process.

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