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PhotoMaraton Turkey

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About PhotoMaraton

PhotoMaraton has been a theme-oriented time-taking event since 1984 in more than 30 countries. In 2018, PhotoMaraton was held in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir in 2018 for the first time in Turkey. PhotoMaraton is a cultural event that unites photographers around the same theme and competes over time. Passion for photography. It contributes to the promotion of the selected city and region. It is a day dedicated to photography.

How does the event work?

Register Online

A ticket is bought online from the website in order to participate in PhotoMaraton. There are two ticket options: one for “Joining with a Camera” and another one for “Joining with a Cellphone”. Tickets can be bought via iyzico and/or Biletino by using credit cards or bank transfer. If participants want to register on the day of the event, they should pay an extra 25 TL for the difference that is caused from the materials that are presented to them. Everyone who registers receive an automatic e-mail.

1. Day Photography Day

PhotoMaraton, lasts 2 days in the city that it takes place. First day is the photography day. In early morning, participant badge cards and t-shirts are distributed. Participants meet at the first station where the first themes will be announced and themes are disclosed. Participants take suitable pictures for the themes announced and they move on to the other stations. PM Icons are photographed at stations. At the end of the day, they turn their photographs in.

Learning about themes

PhotoMaraton events may take place with 6 themes, 9 themes, 12 themes or 24 themes. Themes are learnt by participants at that very moment. Locations where themes are disclosed are named as stations. Participants take pictures of the PM icons at stations when they arrive and they prove that they are present at that location. At every station, 3 or 4 themes are disclosed and participants move on to the other station while taking the pictures.

Photo Submission

Participants come to the assigned tables at any station they want in order to turn the pictures that they have taken about the themes that were disclosed. Pictures in SD cards are copied to the computers and SD cards are given back to the participants. Pictures are classified with their themes, they are numbered and they go through the official PhotoMaraton application. Photographs which are manipulated or edited are disqualified.

2. Day Award Ceremony

In PhotoMaraton events, 2. Days are days for conferences, photograph exhibitions and panels. Participation in these events are for free. Participants may join the events, do networking and may visit the sponsors there. At the end of the day, award ceremony takes place. Jury members meet early in the morning and decide on the winners of each theme. During the award ceremony, pictures which are the theme winners are announced.

Theme Winners

On the 2. Day of the event, each jury decides on their theme winner. Pictures that are selected are distributed to the theme files separately, and they are evaluated all together again. Photographs which are the last ones are chosen as the theme winner. During the award ceremony, a cup and various gifts are given to each theme winner. Following, pictures are announced on the website and social media accounts.

For more information about the event, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Partners in 2018

2019 partners will be announced soon. You can contact us for sponsorship details.

2019 Istanbul PhotoMaraton

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